Are You Water Wise?

To be WISE means to take the knowledge you have gained and use it to benefit yourself and others, including plants and animals, without causing harm. Did you know that there SIX "meanings" to being "Water Wise?"

Come with us on this thirsty journey and discover how you could be ‘Water Wise’

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How much do you know about water?

Our Precious Water

As our population grows, more and more people are using up this limited resource. And although it's true that the water cycle continuously returns water to Earth, it is not always returned to the same place, or in the same quantity and quality.

The quintessence of this programme is to make children aware of the importance to use our water wisely and not waste it.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that less than 1% of all the water on Earth can be used by people? The rest is salt water (the kind you find in the ocean) or is permanently frozen and we can't drink it, wash with it, or use it to water plants?

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GROW@EDUPLUS Tap Mascot will be visiting the children to help them discover the importance of clean, safe water