The Mobile Incubator

Our aim is to provide an educational experience for all, bringing the joy of watching eggs hatching, and chicks emerging from their shells, right to your door.

Teachers and children can watch with excitement and awe as chicks begin hatching in the classroom.

With the wonder of seeing an egg hatch and watching the newly hatched chicks, children and adults alike will be fascinated by our program.

Incredible Eggs

Incredible eggs bring an unforgettable little miracle to your school. An interactive talk explaining the process of incubation and the miracle of birth...

The programme is simple to run and it comes with clear operating instructions.

About the Programme

Delivery normally occurs on a Monday or Tuesday morning. We take great care when “candling” to ensure that, to the best of our knowledge, there is a living embryo inside our eggs at the time of delivery. We will set up the equipment and explain everything you need to know.

With our programme we supply all the equipment you need. You will receive your batch of fertilized eggs which are days off hatching, incubator, brooder box for viewing once they have hatched, beading, heat lamp, food and water. Temperature and humidity levels are closely controlled in sophisticated machinery during the main incubation period. Every moment can be observed through our high visibility hatcher. So, you shouldn’t have to miss a thing! Once dry and fluffy, the chicks are transferred to our brooder box.

Once the programme is over we will collect the chicks and equipment, the chicks are then taken home where they are reared on in a caring and natural environment.