Stop. Look. And listen.

Birds sing, they protect their territory, they attract mates, they hunt for food. This behavior is fascinating to watch.

The longer you watch birds, the more you will start to notice their different personalities - they can be shy, aggressive, friendly, moody, bossy, or outgoing.

One of the greatest benefits of watching birds is the love of learning and the appreciation for science and the great outdoors that will follow children throughout their lives.

Teaching kids about wild birds can be educational in so many different ways. Studying birds teaches children keen observation and listening skills. Learning about birds teaches geography as children study the habitats of different species.

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Did You Know?

Birds are all around us and, as part of nature bring all of their colours and sounds to us each day. There are many different types of birds, in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some birds fly, but others don’t have the ability and must walk on the ground like all of us.

Modern-day birds do not have any teeth (ancient birds did have teeth). Birds have a tongue, but unlike our tongue, a bird's tongue has a bone in it.

Birds spend most of their time looking for food. Most birds are insectivores (they eat insects). Some birds, like owls and eagles, are carnivores (meat-eaters). Some birds, like the hummingbird, grouse, and Canada goose, are mostly herbivores (plant-eaters). Other birds, like starlings, are omnivores (plant- and meat-eaters). Some birds (like the toucan) are fructivore (fruit-eaters)

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Interesting Facts About Birds

There are around 10,000 species of birds all over the world.

Groups of birds are called by different names. If you see larks, they are called a 'peep', however a bunch of geese are referred to as a 'gaggle.' Ravens that are in a group are called a 'murder' and owls in a group are called a 'parliament.'

Birds are believed to be a descendant of the theropod dinosaur. And believe it or not, the average chicken is thought to be the closest thing to a living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.

Come and enjoy this colorful and chirping journey with us. LIVE chicks visiting are the highlight of this programme

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